It would not be possible without you

This project is built by many people. All those who sponsor us from their business, make a donation, clean a beach, follow our releases and share them or talk to us in one of our workshops or events… They all are part of Canarias Libre de Plásticos and help us carry on our work. To them all, thank you very much.


Individual contributions

Join the family of supporters and volunteers of Canarias Libre de Plásticos. We don’t need anything but your good will and all that you can give, whether it is a lot or a little.


Non-profit doesn't mean we don't need cash. However, we allocate ALL of it to pursue and expand our project. You can donate once, monthly or annually. Choose the amount and the timing - a small effort to help us keep going!


Follow us

In the networks or in our cleanups. Sharing our publications, joining us to clean up a beach, collaborating in a workshop... There are many ways and opportunities to collaborate with us. The first step is to follow our networks to keep up to date with our actions.

Join us

Professional collaborations

Photographers, designers, divers, experts in the field… We have a whole team of professionals who put their wisdom and knowledge at the service of our organization. Would you like to be one of them?

Be part of the team

What skills do you have? Send us a message with your expertise and availability. I'm sure we'll find something we can do together!



Make it obvious to your customers what your philosophy is by becoming a sponsor of Canarias Libre de Plásticos. Shall we talk?